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Our Pack helps clients navigate the unfamiliar terrain and dark forests of online marketing. We help digitize businesses and socialize brands through active and engaging online campaigns, while delivering relevant content to ultimately drive up our clients’ revenues.



Logo and Branding

Your business’ identity, the values you stand for, the benefits you offer and the qualities your customers are looking for, should all radiate clearly from your logo and brand. We create compelling visual identities, distinguishing logos, name companies, products, services and have carved catchy and effective taglines.

Graphic Design and Print

Marketing campaigns must work across all media, digital and traditional and although the majority takes place on the web, print still plays a part. We design punchy print communications materials, advertising, brochures, annual reports and ads that align seamlessly with your web-based marketing campaigns.

Web Design and Build

With today’s wildly dynamic digital tools and trends, you need to run with a pack that is familiar with the territory and savvy enough to help you stay one step ahead of the unexpected. We design and build outstanding custom websites. Armed with the best technology and security standards while working in harmonious tandem with our clients, we deliver exceptional results.

Search Engine Optimization

Now more critical than ever, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, has companies competing heavily for the same customers as they sort through overwhelming information and offers found online. Our tactics ensure we leverage all available tools to boost your search engine rankings and drive quality traffic to your website.

Video Production

High-quality custom videos can be utilized to tell your story more vividly,  inspire and entertain website visitors or augment key messages within presentations. Our video production is full-service, integrating drone, stock and on-site videography with compelling storytelling. From animation to auto-CAD we can create stunning videos to wow your audience.

Social Media Marketing

To reach today’s audiences en masse, your social media strategy should attract and captivate online audiences with crisp visuals and active engagement. Our team can transform your web presence into revenue-generating touchpoints for your clients, enhancing the overall experience with your company.


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A big koodos to Schif And The City, the whole team is awesome and deserve a great big thanks from me. They are very professional and have done some immaculate work for me.
When I had a bunch of product stolen in a store break-in, Ingrid set up a Go Fund Me page for me and helped me through the whole process, including the cashing in part.
I can't thank you enough Ingrid.

Dan Hudon
Axe Man Studio
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